Saturday 27th June 2015

Travel and You

The Pleasures of Travel:

Why does time slow down when we travel? Is a change really as good as a rest? Are there any real benefits of cultural travel or is it all in our mind? Award winning writer and Salon co-founder Helen Bagnall explores the scientific need for and the psychological pleasures of travel, and why you're powerless to resist them. 

Curating your Trip: 

You're rarely without your phone, which means you are never without a camera and yet your social media shots leave a lot to desired.  Get to grips with that powerful tool in your pocket with acclaimed photographer Christian Banfield.  He will talk framing shots, using available light and directing your subjects to capture your travel the way you experienced it. 

Why Travel?:

What is it that makes us turn our back on the familiar and set out to experience the unknown?  Travel writer, journalist and Editor-in-chief of Mr and Mrs Smith, Juliet Kinsman is the perfect person to tell us why we love to be on the move, what we're looking for when we travel and how to make sure we get what we want

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