Wednesday 8th April 2015

Evolution, REVOLUTION, Constitution

Salon London presents 'Revolution', the second in our Spring series of 'Evolution, Revolution, Constitution' where social psychologist and crowd behaviour expert Dr John Drury will explain the exquisite psychological pleasure of being part of a Revolution.

As we march towards a centenary of votes for women in the UK, you might be surprised to hear the extent to which the women's rights revolution isn't over. Laura Bates is an activist, writer and creator of the 'Everyday Sexism Project' ("one of the biggest social media success stories on the internet") and she will explain why this is the case.

Gene Sharp painstakingly categorised 198 methods of non violent action, and we'll help you find the right one for you with his award winning documentary producer Ruaridh Arrow, so you can fan the flames of revolution in your own life (big or small - it's up to you).

Get Involved: Join the Revolution at Proud Archivist. 8th April.
Doors 6:30pm.
Tickets £12 and here.
All we need is you.