Thursday 14th February 2019

True Love Valentine Salon

Singles, doubles, thruples, groups. Salon London wants you this Valentine's Day!

Emotion historian and author the brilliant Dr Tiffany Watt Smith talks us through the power of Schadenfreude – and explains why enjoying the pain and failures of others can be the purest love of all. Honestly!

Then sit back and take advice from the award-winning, greatest UK based French comedian, Marcel Lucont who will take to the Salon stage for the very first time giving his advice on love and answering your innermost questions on all problems of the heart.

Truth is, anyone who has ever fallen in love will have experienced all the symptoms of psychiatric madness. Psychologist, Dr Frank Tallis will explain why love itself is a form of madness - the subject of his book The Incurable Romantic.

February 14th – Terrace Bar, Tate Modern - Doors 7pm. Tickets are £15 or why not become a member?