Thursday 22nd November 2018

We Are All Original

Original Sins. What’s yours. Social Media? One more drink? Box sets? The Science of Sin brings together the latest findings from neuroscience research to shed light on the universally fascinating subject of temptation – where it comes from, how to resist it and why we all succumb. Neurobiologist and TV presenter, Jack Lewis illuminates the neural battles between temptation and restraint that take place within our brains, suggesting strategies to help us better manage our most troublesome impulses with the explicit goal of improving our health, our happiness, and our productivity.

Introvert. Extrovert. Thinking. Feeling. You don't need The Myers-Briggs Indicator to know you’re one in a billion - yet most popular personality test in the world has been harnessed by the world's most successful organisations. And yet despite the test's widespread adoption, experts in the field of psychometric testing, a 500 million industry, struggle to account for its success no less validate its results. How did the original personality test become so powerful despite its questionable science, and why do feel such a need to quantify our original selves with Merve Emre, Associate Prof of English at the University of Oxford.

A true original - a Financial Times Master of Science one of The Times 100 most influential scientists in the UK, Mark Miodownik is Professor of Materials and Society at University College London, where he is also Director of the Institute of Making. His book Stuff Matters was a New York Times bestseller and won the Royal Society Winton Prize, and he'll be at Salon London with his original take on understanding the material world explaining our originality in engineering and design comes down to our understanding of the incredible and dangerous liquids that flow through our lives.

22 November at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden. Doors open 7pm. First speaker on at 7.30pm.

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