Thursday 5th July 2018

'The Inspired Leader' with Andy Bird

Being inspired can be a magnificent, invigorating feeling. But it’s also one that we know surprisingly little about. Does it happen by chance? Are all forms of inspiration the same? Can we influence how and when we feel inspired?

These are searching questions, particularly for people who take on the responsibilities and challenges of leadership. Given the tumultuous state of the world today, effective leadership throughout our organizations and communities has never been more important. Equally though, there has also never been greater pressure on leaders to perform and to provide inspirational leadership for their people and teams.

A great deal of attention is paid to the importance of leaders inspiring other people. But how do leaders discover and maintain the inspiration they need first – for themselves?

In this intimate Salon, leadership consultant, coach, and author, Andy Bird will detail his research into the latest behavioural science and real-life experiences of a fascinating range of leaders, and explain just how you can discover, experience and maintain your inspiration.

Join us on 5th July at 12 Hay Hill. The talk begins at 7:00pm. Tickets are £12 and available here.


  • Andy Bird

    Andy Bird

    The Inspired Leader

    Andy Bird is an independent leadership consultant, coach and author who provides support, challenge and guidance for people looking to flourish and succeed as leaders. He works with his clients in a spirit of close partnership, helping . . .