Wednesday 20th September 2017

Super Human You in a Super Human World: Gene Editing, Robotics and Ethics

For a while now, Salon Londoners have been grappling with the strange thought that for generations to come death could become discretionary, so for our first Autumn 2017 Salon, we've invited three brilliant people along to find out how, when, and why?

The UK leads the world in the experimental process of gene editing and we’ll hear from CRISPR scientist Dr Alasdair Russell exactly where we are in a) editing fatal diseases out of our DNA b) creating viruses that could eradicate entire swathes of the population and c) bringing back the woolly mammoth (in that order, obviously). To understand what a superhuman us (or more worryingly a superhuman army) might look like Dr Cate Pendegrass will explain her fascinating work to merge our flesh with machines the beginning of our path towards replacing the parts of us that fail with robotic versions. Finally, we’ll hear from molecular geneticist Prof Johnjoe McFadden who will talk us through the ethics that we are going to have to face as the reality of gene editing and the ethics for immortality begins to bite.

We'll be back at the (gorgeous) Hospital Club in Covent Garden. Doors open 7 pm. First speaker on at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are £15 and available here. Or why not become a member?


  • Prof Johnjoe McFadden

    Prof Johnjoe McFadden

    Ethics for Immortality

    Johnjoe McFadden is Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey and editor of Britain’s leading text book on molecular biology. He obtained his PhD at Imperial College London and went on to work on human genetic . . .
  • Catherine Pendegrass

    Catherine Pendegrass

    The Possibilities of Merging Humans with Machines

    Catherine Pendegrass PhD, is a senior lecturer in the Department of Materials and Tissue and the Division of Surgery & Interventional Science at UCL. Catherine is a Senior Lecturer in the department for Materials, Centre for . . .
  • Dr. Alasdair Russell

    Dr. Alasdair Russell

    Genome Editing Technologies

    Dr. Alasdair Russell is head of Pre-Clinical Genome editing at CRUK Cambridge Institute.   Alasdair heads up a specialised team that provide a centralised ‘Hub’ for the innovation and application of state-of-the-art . . .