• Salon LIII

    Salon LIII

    Years Before The Great War.

    8th Mar 2014

    For Bath Literary Festival, Salon London looked at the years before the Great War. Lucinda Hawksley explained the mechanics of the war that had been raging in England since the 1860s, the war to get women the vote in March, Women March. . . .
  • Salon LII

    Salon LII


    6th Mar 2014

    Salon London takes a lateral look at Health, as we gambol in to our Spring series of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Let us introduce top notch biologist and neuro-biologist Professor Steven Rose to explain why biology, neuroscience and . . .
  • Salon LI

    Salon LI

    Big Ideas

    6th Feb 2014

    To mark the second year of the Transmission Prize, our first Salon of 2014 gets up in the grill of Big Ideas.   David Tong, theoretical physicist from Cambridge gets the big questions out of the way early as he explains life, the . . .
  • Salon 2013

    Salon 2013

    Happy Salon Holidays

    25th Dec 2013

    John McHugo’s ‘A Concise History of the Arabs’ and a whisky will keep any Academic-y Uncle type out of action for days. Muso’s who wish they had time to write their own music (blog), Lloyd Bradley pieces together . . .
  • Salon L

    Salon L

    The House Warming Party at the Tate

    23rd Nov 2013

    To honour the rehang of the Tate Britain’s collection in chronological order, Salon London will take a lateral look at ‘Time’.  In the brand new Grand Saloon, theoretical physicist David Tong will deal with the . . .
  • Salon XLIX

    Salon XLIX

    Back to Basics

    22nd Nov 2013

    Salon North promises big and delivers bigger, as on the 22nd November we have New Scientist Cosmology consultant Marcus Chown to explain the quantum world in ten easy steps.  This award winning writer, broadcaster and astrophysicist . . .
  • Salon XLVIII

    Salon XLVIII

    Sex, and Drugs, and ROCK AND ROLL.

    7th Nov 2013

    Rock and Roll Up! We have put together one big bad bold Salon for our final event of 2013, a fitting culmination of our Autumn season of Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.   Legendary music writer Lloyd Bradley charts 100 years of . . .
  • Salon XLVII

    Salon XLVII

    The Years Before The Great War.

    26th Oct 2013

    The early 20th Century is a curious time in history for women, sex and power. Queen Victoria’s reign only just made it in to the century, and the Great War was about to change everything forever.  So just what was Edwardian . . .
  • Salon XLVI

    Salon XLVI

    Identity Parade

    4th Oct 2013

    Who are you? What do you want? And why? How much of sexual identity is biology, how much of it is environment? Molecular biologist Grace Dugdale presents her findings from the edges of scientific research in her session: the mating game, . . .
  • Salon XLV

    Salon XLV

    SEX and Drugs and Rock n Roll.

    3rd Oct 2013

    For Salon does Sex, we are pleased to welcome Nichi Hodgson, author of 'Bound to You', a memoir of her time as a Dominatrix. She is also Director of the Ethical Porn Partnership and, as co-host, she will be helping us to take Salon in hand . . .