• Salon LXXIII

    Salon LXXIII

    EVOLUTION, Revolution, Constitution.

    5th Mar 2015

    Salon London is interesting cultural content curated for the interested.  We take an idea and we look at it laterally from an arts, a scientific and a psychological point of view.  Salons take up to two hours and appear in . . .
  • Salon LXXII

    Salon LXXII

    'Gigantic' - Big Ideas 2015

    12th Feb 2015

    In 2014 we launched The ‘brainy’ Also Festival, worked with over two hundred exceptional speakers and were named No 6 on the GQ list of the best 100 things to do in the world. And so for the first Salon of 2015 we present . . .
  • Salon LXXI

    Salon LXXI

    Salon North - HAPPINESS

    29th Jan 2015

    We believe our state of mind can have a huge affect on our physical being, but are there facts to back this up? Professor of Cardiovascular medicine at Oxford University Robin Choudhury presents his revealing work which shows exactly why . . .
  • Salon LXX

    Salon LXX

    Acid House

    26th Nov 2014

    We are Phuture. Did Acid House change the UK forever? Writer, journalist and Festival No. 6 founder Luke Bainbridge makes the case for The True Story Acid House: Britain's Last Youth Culture Revolution in his latest book. Groove is in . . .
  • Salon LXIX

    Salon LXIX

    Hampton Court Palace Salon

    14th Nov 2014

    Imagine the scene, it’s a crisp November night - Hampton Court Palace is closed to everyone but us. You’re handed a warming glass of wine before being walked through the Boleyn Gates, and up in to the fine Cartoon Gallery for a . . .


    Crime, Punishment and RETRIBUTION.

    5th Nov 2014

    Can forgiveness ever be a form of retribution?  Jo Berry’s father was killed by an IRA bomb, yet she sought out the man responsible to try to understand his motivations.  Since then she has worked to resolve conflict by . . .
  • LXVI


    Crime, PUNISHMENT and Retribution.

    8th Oct 2014

    For Salon Does Punishment we’ll be taking a good look at the facts of rehabilitation. Government Forensic Psychologist Dr Ruth Mann is tasked with evaluating punishment and treatment, and has devised many of prison programmes . . .
  • LXV


    CRIME, Punishment and Retribution.

    11th Sep 2014

    It would be criminal to miss the first in our autumn series of Crime, Punishment and Retribution. Why? Because we have forensic psychologist Dr David Rouse to explain exactly what happens with homicide. Understand exactly what goes on at . . .
  • LXIV


    Salon No 6

    5th Sep 2014

    On Friday we’ll be in the Town Hall having ‘Sex’ with poet Salena Godden who talked through the poets and the poems that had influenced her, famed author Zoe Pilger is on the Salon stage to explain the joys of writing . . .
  • Salon LXIII

    Salon LXIII

    Salon London wanders in the WILDERNESS

    8th Aug 2014

    As we know we only get one chance to make a first impression, we want to ensure your voice is up to the pressure, and so welcome acclaimed vocal coach Juliet Russell to Wilderness to teach range, tone, style, creak and even gravitas.  . . .