An Intimate History Of Humanity

Theodore Zeldin

An Intimate History Of Humanity

Essential reading for humans.

The Hidden Pleasures of Life

Theodore Zeldin

The Hidden Pleasures of Life: A New Way of Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future

Will reveal the autobiography in you.

The Amber Fury

Natalie Haynes

The Amber Fury

Amber Fury - not to be confused with Amber Furries.


  • Manjit Kumar

    Manjit Kumar

    Quantum Theory in Half an Hour

    Manjit Kumar has degrees in both physics and philosophy, he co-wrote Science and the Retreat from Reason, which introduced key areas of modern science while defending notions of social progress and scientific advance. Published in 1995, it . . .
  • Marcus Chown

    Marcus Chown


    Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster, currently cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine. He graduated from the University of London in 1980, gaining a first class degree in physics, and later gained a . . .
  • Margaret Heffernan

    Margaret Heffernan

    Willful Blindness, A Bigger Prize.

    Margaret Heffernan has been the CEO of five different businesses in the United States and the UK. A former producer for the BBC and author of “The Naked Truth: A Working Woman's Manifesto On Business And What Really Matters”, . . .
  • Mark Bolitho

    Mark Bolitho


    Mark Bolitho is a world renowned origami artist.  Since 2004 he has worked full time as an origami designer.  He has worked with a variety of clients to produce bespoke origami designs to meet commercial and artistic briefs. . . .
  • Mark Bowden

    Mark Bowden

    Rite of Spring

    ark Bowden is a composer of instrumental, chamber and orchestral music as well as music for voice, dance and film. His music is performed at festivals and events throughout the UK, Europe, South America and the US and can be heard . . .
  • Mark Maslin

    Mark Maslin

    The Cradle of Humanity

    Mark Maslin (FRGS, FRSA) is a Professor of Climatology and Environmental Sciences at University College London, and is currently a Royal Society Industrial Fellow. He was the former Director of the UCL Environment Institute and Head of the . . .
  • Mark Shayler

    Mark Shayler


    Mark Shayler runs an innovation and environmental consultancy called Ape. He has worked with some of the world’s largest and smallest businesses to develop new products and services – and in the process, saved them shed . . .
  • Matt Locke

    Matt Locke

    Attention Seeking Behaviour

    Before starting Storythings, Matt was Head of Multiplatform Commissioning at Channel 4. In this role, he was responsible for running the Multiplatform Commissioning team with a £7m budget for multi-platform projects around some . . .
  • Matthew Morgan

    Matthew Morgan

    Charles I: the 'Must-Have' Monarch.

    Matthew Morgan is an art historian and lecturer who oversees adult learning events at the National Gallery. He has worked in the museum world as well as the commercial art world, most notably a decade spent as a Director in the . . .
  • Michael Banissy

    Michael Banissy


    Michael  is a cognitive neuroscientist based at the Department of Psychology Goldsmiths University of London. Prior to taking up his position at Goldsmiths he worked at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (University College . . .