Helen Bagnall

Helen Bagnall is an award winning writer of screen, books and on-line. She has twice won the KidScreen award for best TV film for teens, and is currently developing a number of live action ideas for film and TV.

Helen Bagnall

Current Projects

Aisling's Diary – Multi Platform Series


Story Lining

Attended Hollyoaks writers' room November 2011.

New England - TV Adaptation

Adapting Edith Wharton's The Buccaneers to a 5 x 50 contemporary drama.

The Literary Platform - Cross Platform Editor


Salon London - Curator & Director



  • 2011Created and developed Digital Storytelling course for THE NATIONAL THEATRE, LONDON.
  • 2010 Commissioned to write 8 x 30 series WEDDING DIARIES for Campbell Ryan Productions.
  • 2006/9 Sole writer of AISLING’S SUMMER DIARIES (30 x 3) for RTE Young People. Awarded Best One Off Teen/Tween Movie at KidScreen Award 2011.
  • 2009 Sole Writer of SOFIA’S DIARY SERIES III (10 x 4) for Sony Pictures/Bebo Nominated for a Broadcast digital award for Best Interactive Series.
  • 2008 Sole writer of IAFTA nominated AISLING’S DIARY HOLIDAY SPECIAL (1 x 30) for RTE. Awarded Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie at Kidscreen 2010
  • 2008 Commissioned to write teen book AISLING’S DIARY (Penguin Books)
  • 2008 Script Editor - AISLING’S DIARY (RTE)
  • 2008 Script Editor - SOFIA’S DIARY (FIVER)
  • 2007/8 Commissioned by Brilliant Films (EASY VIRTUE) to adapt Somerset Maugham short story/Broadway Comedy “JANE” to feature. Jane is the story of a middle aged Liverpudlian widow who comes to London and takes it with by storm purely by telling the truth.
  • 2008 Written, directed and shot a 5 x 10 web series called “RADIO UNO” based around a 42 year old music DJ Sam Hudson trying to hold on to her slot following the death of the breakfast DJ Gregory Doyle and the inevitable re-structure.
  • 2008 Commissioned to write an opening episode for a potential MySpace comedy/drama by Conker Media / Lime Pictures.
  • 2008 Commissioned to write a number of character based sketches to Conker Media/Lime Pictures.
  • 2007 Analysis and development of a Buffy-esque young adult series based on the adventures of psychic remedial class teacher based on a Graham Masterton horror series called “The Rook”.
  • 2007 Coverage commissioned by the estate of John Creasey for “The Baron”. Commissioned to write an extensive treatment or coverage based on John Creasey’s character “The Baron”. The rights holders wanted the series of 47 books condensed in to a ‘bible’ to allow them to evaluate the opportunity for development to a TV series. The brief was to update “The Baron” as a modern hero, to develop his back-story, and to find story lines suitable for development.
  • 2007 Treatment written for The Adventure Series – Willard Price. Commissioned by Fleming Literary to write a treatment for a kids TV action/adventure series based on the 14 Adventure Series books written by explorer Willard Price. The brief was particularly with a view to updating the books for a modern audience and building a strong matriarch for the stand-alone stories to slot in to.