Salon XXVI

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Future Victorians Day I

By 2050 over 70% of the world’s population will live be living in cities. But is this prediction the stuff of dystopian nightmares?  Should you move to the country and take up badger baiting?  No, says Leo Hollis. In fact the historian, urbanist and architectural obsessive is convinced cities in fact make us smarter, stronger, wittier and more creative, and he’ll be at our Salon to explain just why cities are so good for us and just how to get the best from them.

We are used to technology moving fast (remember books, anyone?) and accept the next decade will be jam packed with digital strides forward. But what are the effects of all this technology on your inner being?  How will it all change your future self?  Luckily we have famed philosopher Julian Baggini, author of ‘The Ego Trick’ to explain the effects of all this technology on our egos, and offer advice on how to protect and understand our future selves.

Food historian Tasha Marks is a world expert in confectionary’s sugary past, she can tell you how medieval confectioners were so skilled that a small jelly was more expensive than a fully illustrated copy of the bible. (Once again cake trounces monk art).  For Future Victorians Tasha will be bringing along her gourmet flavour balloons full of flavour distilled down to its purest essence as part of her hands-on future food demonstration.  

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  • Tasha Marks

    Tasha Marks

    Animal. Vegetable. Mineral.

    Tasha Marks is a food historian who specialises in the cultural history of jelly and the decadent dioramas of the dessert course. Her company Animal Vegetable Mineral has recently started specialising in private views and . . .
  • Leo Hollis

    Leo Hollis

    Why Cities Are Good For You. Yes you.

    Leo Hollis is a historian, writer, urbanist and passionate believer that cities are not only essential for our future but hold the key to our health wealth and happiness. His books to date have . . .
  • Julian Baggini

    Julian Baggini

    Future You.

    Julian Baggini is the author of several books, including Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind (Granta), Complaint (Profile), The Ego Trick (Granta) and most recently The Shrink and . . .


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