Salon LXX

Wednesday 26th November 2014

Acid House

We are Phuture. Did Acid House change the UK forever? Writer, journalist and Festival No. 6 founder Luke Bainbridge makes the case for The True Story Acid House: Britain's Last Youth Culture Revolution in his latest book.

Groove is in the Art. Artist Chelsea Berlin showcases the most incredible collection of archived flyers, invitations and membership cards in her book Rave Art and tells the visual story of 5 significant years of underground raving, clubbing and parties.

Everybody's Free to Feel Good. Guerrilla Science's Zoe Cromier's latest book Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll explores the neuroscience of why we're hardwired for hedonism. Let her elevate you to a very fine state of mind, or at least understand why you want to get there.

We'll also have a very special film by a very special artist and DJ Vertigo on the decks for a 10 minute rave. You all ready for this?

It's our 6th Birthday and our last Salon of 2014. It will be taking place at the wonderful Proud Archivist in Haggerston. Tickets are £12 and are available here. DJ Vertigo will be in the house, so all we need is you! 


  • Zoe Cormier

    Zoe Cormier

    Science of Hedonism

    Zoe Cormier is a freelance journalist, science writer and photographer with a background in biology who now specialises in environmental reporting and public science events. Her work has featured in Nature News, New Scientist, The . . .
  • Luke Bainbridge

    Luke Bainbridge

    Acid House

        Luke Bainbridge was a founding editor of the award winning Observer Music Monthly and ghostwriter of Shaun Ryder’s 2011 autobiography, the Sunday Times bestseller Twisting My Melon. He has been a music journalist . . .
  • Chelsea Berlin

    Chelsea Berlin

    Rave Art

    Chelsea Louise Berlin studied art and design at Chelsea School of Art before starting a company in the mid-1980s, producing hand-printed and painted t-shirts, paintings and banners before moving onto other pursuits which included the . . .


  • The Proud Archivist

    2-10 Hertford Rd,London

    N1 5ET