An Intimate History Of Humanity

Theodore Zeldin

An Intimate History Of Humanity

Essential reading for humans.

The Hidden Pleasures of Life

Theodore Zeldin

The Hidden Pleasures of Life: A New Way of Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future

Will reveal the autobiography in you.

The Amber Fury

Natalie Haynes

The Amber Fury

Amber Fury - not to be confused with Amber Furries.


  • Salon XXVI

    Salon XXVI

    Future Victorians Day I

    15th Aug 2012

    By 2050 over 70% of the world’s population will live be living in cities. But is this prediction the stuff of dystopian nightmares?  Should you move to the country and take up badger baiting?  No, says Leo Hollis. In fact . . .
  • Salon XXV

    Salon XXV

    Salon Calling

    3rd Aug 2012

    This year your hosts very much wanted to take Salon to a summer festival, you know, one with camping and halloumi burgers.  We had our tick list: we wanted a clever one run by doers, one not afraid of dressing up of a Saturday night . . .
  • Salon North

    Salon North

    Life of Crime

    18th Jul 2012

      Scents and Misdemeanors Think murders can’t be solved by smell?  Take another read of your favourite detectives, and we’re looking at you Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes.  Olfactory . . .
  • Salon North

    Salon North


    11th Jul 2012

    Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens : This summer an extremely rare celestial event took place- the transit of Venus. Award-winning writer Andrea Wulf tells the story of the planet's adventure - round one. In 1761 the scientific . . .
  • Salon XXII

    Salon XXII


    4th Jul 2012

    Lucy's emailed us her playlist and, as promised, we're posting it up for you to enjoy. It's available here as a Spotify playlist (minus the Chromatics which is available here). 1- Grimes 'Infinite Love Without Fulfilment' (taken from the . . .
  • Salon XXI

    Salon XXI

    Salon North - The Second Instalment.

    14th Jun 2012

    Salon North was bigger and better than ever at the St George Hotel in beautiful Harrogate.  Elaine Fox’s one of the country’s most important Neuro Scientists, she opened the Salon with a whirlwind tour of our . . .
  • Salon XX

    Salon XX


    7th Jun 2012

    So we had the uber glam, ex-war correspondent, and New York Times writer Elaine Sciolino to introduce us to the world of seduction, French style.  Every single transaction in Paris, Elaine explained, is seduction, even the woman . . .
  • Salon XIX

    Salon XIX

    Identity Crisis

    25th May 2012

    Debbie did Dallas, and Salon did Digital.   Margaret Heffernan opened our small but perfectly formed Salon does Digital.  Taking us through the social media sites of old, (GeoCities anyone?) she tracked the evolution of our . . .
  • Salon XVIII

    Salon XVIII

    Dream Matrix Live

    3rd May 2012

    Oscar Wilde quipped that the most frightening words in the English language are 'I had a very interesting dream last night'. This Salon, we shrug off such pithy observations as we embark on our most ambitious event yet: raising our . . .
  • Salon XVII

    Salon XVII

    Salon - North

    12th Apr 2012

    Ever found yourself staring up at the clear Yorkshire sky at night wondering just which is the North star, or where exactly is Orion’s Belt?  Then you are already showing signs of being a stargazer in training.  Luckily, . . .